Everything We Learned About Horizon Zero Dawn During E3 2016

Jeff Marchiafava

We had a lot of fun during our hands-on session with Horizon Zero Dawn yesterday, but we were also furiously taking notes about everything we saw. Here's our full list of all the observations we made during our time with the game. If you've been following Horizon Zero Dawn's development closely, some of this information may be familiar to you already. If so, feel free to erase those bullet points in your mind, or read our hands-on preview for all new impressions. Horizon Zero Dawn takes place 1,000 years in the future, with some Internet sleuths pegging a post-apocalyptic Colorado as the location.

Aloy is considered a tribal outcast, and heads out into the larger world to discover the origins of her people. All of the machine-like animals in Horizon are hostile towards humans, but it wasn't always that way. Figuring out why the machines have become aggressive is another mystery that Aloy intends to solve while exploring the world. Corrupted machines are particularly hostile towards humans, and have red glowing lights and emanate a strange black smoke. A special enemy type can corrupt other machines and make them more hostile towards you.

These enemies are appropriately called corruptors. Unlike the people of her tribe, Aloy is not superstitious; while most humans believe the corrupted machines are evil and that only the goddess can save them, Aloy believes there must be a scientific explanation. One of the villages Aloy visits is called Mother's Crown, a heavily fortified settlement containing various NPCs that will offer her side missions. Horizon features its own economy; traders will sell Aloy new weapons and gear for shards, which are collected from defeated machines. Horizon also features a dialogue wheel, allowing you to choose Aloy's reaction to certain NPCs and pry for more information during conversations.

Based on the map that Guerrilla pulled up during the demo, the size of Horizon's open world is massive. Weapons have multiple ammo types, such as fire, cryo, and electricity shots, as well as modification sockets. Mods can be collected from defeated machines as well. Aloy can acquire new outfits which offer various passive abilities, as well as additional mod slots.

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