Extended Days Gone Video Highlights More Ways To Slaughter The Zombie Masses

Jeff Marchiafava

Sony Bend Studio's new open-world action game, Days Gone, is still shrouded in mystery, but the stage demo during Sony's E3 press conference wowed the audience with some impressive tech;  massive hordes of zombies smashed through walls and poured through every window and doorway in sight as the player raced to escape. Sony has released an extended gameplay video which shows off even more creative ways for ditching the undead masses. Despite a more somber and understated opening that features the main protagonist searching for one of his friends, Bend Studio says its goal for E3 was to show off Days Gone's "brutal sandbox combat. " The game is capable of rendering giant hordes of enemies, which are able to navigate the environment with ease.

Thankfully, players can also use the environment to their advantage; during the demo, the protagonist springs a number of traps on the pursuing zombie mob, including unleashing a pile of stacked logs that roll down onto them, buying him some much-needed time. Bend Studio still isn't sharing much info about Days Gone's intriguing world, so rather than walk you through the entire demo, you can watch it yourself in the trailer below. (Please visit the site to view this media) For more on Days Gone and the potential of the zombie apocalypse, check out our E3 Rivals video, Days Gone versus Dead Rising 4.

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