11 bit coined the term 'society survival' to describe its new game Frostpunk

Brett Makedonski

11 bit is the team that's most well-known for This War of Mine, a depressing game about trying to survive as a civilian in a war-torn city. Last time we talked to the developer, it tried to distance its next game, Frostpunk, from This War of Mine. Senior writer Pawel Miechowski emphasized that while the studio is certainly proud of its previous efforts, it didn't want to rely on bleak and dispiriting themes to convey an important message. Even if 11 bit is actively trying to avoid its past, it can't completely leave it behind. Frostpunk shares some meaningful undertones with This War of Mine with regard to tough choices, moral dilemma, and the well-being of others.

However, in Frostpunk, the scope of everything seems to be broadened tremendously. We recently spoke with Miechowski and lead designer Kuba Stokalski about the direction of Frostpunk. 11 bit isn't yet ready to talk about specifics of gameplay, but it's willing to elaborate on the setting, the conflict, the player's role -- all the stuff that fills out a world. Read more…

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