14 Ghost Recon: Wildlands Tips To Help You Wage War Against The Cartel

Javy Gwaltney

Ghost Recon: Wildlands just hit stores today. It's a big game, so we need more time with it before our review is ready to go live.  However, if you've already touched down in Bolivia and are ready to take on the cartel with your friends or by yourself, here are some tips to help you get started. Play With Friends If You Can Seriously. Or at least play with other players in public sessions. The team A.

I. is serviceable and they'll do a decent job of helping you raid camps and execute enemies, but it's also more boring to play with them, and they're not the best at helping you get out of tough situations when your plan falls to pieces.   Always Be On The Lookout For Upgrades And Resources Weapon upgrades, accessories, and skill tree points are littered around the map. They can often be tagged by your drones or seen with your own eyes if you're close enough, so don't settle for just getting the objective done. Look around. Take your time in camps.

Caches often hold valuable upgrades for both your character and weapons. Upgrade And Use Your Drones You have drones capable of scouting enemy camps. Use them. Intelligence and careful planning is often what keeps your mission from falling apart, and your drones are essential in building that information since they can fly around camps and tag enemies, intel, and valuable resources. Just don't get right up in an enemy soldier's face with them or they'll ring the alarm. Upgrades in the skill tree also make your drone more useful, letting you turn it into an explosive trap or granting it night vision, so invest in that tree generously.

  Use Your Squad's Assault Function While Driving If you're playing with A. I. teammates, one of the more helpful options in the game is to put them in assault mode while you're driving with them in the passenger seats. Clicking up on the d-pad makes them go from passively sitting in their seats to leaning out of cars, weapons in hand, ready to shoot at any enemy nearby. This is invaluable doing convoy missions where you have to take down a moving truck and tag it. Watch Your Fire If you kill enough civilians, it'll cause you to fail your mission.

Seeing as a number of your firefights take place in villages and populated areas, it is incredibly easy to take down non-combatants by accident. In these cases, it's better to opt for precise shots rather than spray-and-pray with an assault rifle.

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