15 Fixes Ghost Recon Wildlands Needs

Javy Gwaltney

Ghost Recon Wildlands is an ambitious game. When it's at its best, it's one of the most fun, cooperative experiences I've had in years, channeling the best bits of Metal Gear Solid V, Splinter Cell: Blacklist, and the legacy of Ghost Recon. However, a lot of elements get in the way of the game being at its best, and many of them seem possibly fixable in an update. Matt Bertz, who reviewed the game, Jeff Marchiafava, and I have collected our grievances here. Let Players Import Their Own MusicOr at least have music options available. Bolivia is a big place and you spend a fair amount of time driving from mission to mission. It seems really bizarre not to give players an option that isn't Listen To The Annoying DJ And His Bad Music or Drive Silently Through The Land.

Let Players Change The Time Of DayNight time offers more tactical options, so why not pull a Phantom Pain and let players speed up the clock? Especially if they're playing by themselves and need more of a tactical boost since they're working with wonky A. I. squadmates. Add A Mute A. I. Squadmate OptionWildlands has a lot of bad writing.

The worst of it is often in the conversations between squadmates, where they discuss the art of torture or make dumb jokes. It's boring and the voice acting for these characters is atrocious. Please let us mute them. Please. Add A Photo Mode For The Console VersionsBolivia's vistas are gorgeous. Throw in a photo editor ala The Last Of Us Remastered, Horizon Zero Dawn, and No Man's Sky to let players take advantage of that. Make The UNIDAD Less AnnoyingIn Wildlands, the UNIDAD are an army that patrols over Bolivia.

They have a system similar to that of the Wanted system in Grand Theft Auto and are relentless. You kill them, they just keep coming with tanks, helicopters, armored infantry. That in itself isn't a problem, but they have a habit of showing up all the time, especially when you're tailing a target or doing a mission where if you're seen, you're immediately hit with a game over screen. It'd be great if Ubisoft could dial back how often you run into them. Make Conversations SkippableFailing a mission often means having to listen to an NPC cycle through their bad table-setting dialogue all over again. Just stick a skip button in there. More…

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