16 Tips to Conquer the “Give Me God of War” Difficulty Mode

Mihir Sheth

Heyo! My name is Mihir Sheth and I'm a senior combat tech-designer here at Santa Monica Studio. Now that God of War has been out for some time - and plenty of players have experienced the combat themselves - I wanted to take a moment to talk about "Give Me God of War," the hardest difficulty mode available. As many of you have likely noticed, Give Me God of War sets itself up ominously with bold red text stating that the difficulty cannot be changed mid-game.

God of War - Advanced Combat Strategies | PS4

It's not for the faint of heart! As you face it for the first time you'll likely be overwhelmed during the opening hours of the game. Hopefully this post (along with the plethora of great player-made resources already online) can remove some of the mysticism behind the difficulty mode, and offer some advanced combat tips and techniques in the process!

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