22 Random Tidbits About Mass Effect Andromeda

Joe Juba

Our month of Mass Effect Andromeda coverage isn’t over yet, but we’re in the home stretch. We’ve covered a lot of ground on various topics, but during our time visiting BioWare and talking to the team, we learned some interesting information that doesn’t fit neatly into our bigger features. Because Mass Effect fans are hungry for any new knowledge about BioWare’s next installment, we didn’t want to leave this info on the cutting-room floor. Instead, we’ve collected this loosely organized assortment of quotes and facts that might shed some additional light on the aspects of Andromeda you’re most curious about. 1. Ryder is intentionally more of a blank slate than Shepard at the beginning of Andromeda. “Shepard came on the scene, and it felt like they’d already accomplished a lot and they’d done a lot and they’d seen a lot – but I hadn’t,” says creative director Mac Walters. “That whole universe was new to me, and so there was a bit of a disconnect between me and my player character right from the start.

And so, with this, I’d really like us to close that gap as much as we can without going full amnesia. ” 2. Your companion Liam has a British accent. 3. You find clues about what happened to the other arks. For instance, as you locate asari escape pods, you learn more about what happened to them and their ark, and that thread is eventually resolved in a mission. 4. Some quests take place on the planet where you discover them, and others point you toward new locations.

“It’s about a 90-10 split,” says Walters. “Once you’re on a world, you should feel like you can spend your time there and complete the level. The rest are either resolved from somewhere else or send you somewhere else. ” 5. Despite the series’ long history, the move to new hardware and adopting the Frostbite engine means BioWare built all systems, tools, and assets from scratch for Andromeda. 6. All of the systems (though not necessarily all of the content) are currently implemented in the game. Now it’s just a matter of “balance and tweaking,” according to Walters.

7. Enemies of the same class have different abilities based on their race. 8. Not all of the races from the original trilogy appear in Andromeda, but they may show up in future installments. “We’ve designed the IP in such a way that they can all show up,” Walters says. “For hopefully obvious reasons, they’re not all going to show up in the first game. ” 9. The points you earn by…

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