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25 ideas for future Sea of Thieves updates

Tyler Wilde

It's fun to goof off and battle other ships in Sea of Thieves, but fighting skeletons over and over and running variations on fetch quests is getting a little tiring. To pass some of the longer journeys, I keep imagining all the things Sea of Thieves could do, but doesn't, armchair designing an imaginary game as I play. The subreddit has been doing the same thing, which suggests that the essence of Sea of Thieves is excellent. Mediocre games don't usually inspire so much imagination. So it's a compliment. Sort of.

It's a criticism, too, because we're saying that the broth is outstanding but the soup isn't complex or hearty enough. It's not a very constructive way to criticize. For one thing, saying 'wouldn't it be cool if' doesn't necessarily mean that what comes next would actually be cool in practice. And it's awfully bold to assume the chef just didn't think to add all of our great ingredient ideas. I'm sure that

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