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5 Things The Division 2 does better than Anthem

Steven Messner

It's a good time to love loot. With Destiny 2 and Warframe in top form and a new Borderlands being announced later this month, the genre is more crowded than ever. Now that Anthem and The Division 2 are both out, and with each one wanting to be the One Game to Rule Them All, it's tough to know which is worth all your evenings and weekends. Though our review is still in progress, The Division 2 already stands head and shoulders above and Anthem in a lot of ways.

Sure, Anthem lets you fly around in Iron Man exosuits (which is definitely fun), but it's also hampered by a ton of bugs, infuriating design flaws, and a nonexistent endgame. So if you and your friends are looking for a satisfying RPG shooter to play together, here's why I'm enjoying The Division 2 so much more.  

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