50 Details We Noticed During Our Hands-On Time With Mass Effect: Andromeda

Javy Gwaltney

I recently had the chance to play three hours of Mass Effect Andromeda. If you want in-depth impressions, you can find those here. However, there were also A LOT of details I noticed as a fan of the series that I thought were worth collecting, so here they are. All 50 of them. Character Generation 1. Since our protagonist, Ryder, doesn’t have a military background like Commander Shepard, the character creator has a plethora of customization options for face and hair. Want a character with a pink mullet?

Go for it. 2. You are not locked into classes like you were in the original trilogy. The training you choose at the beginning of the game just gives you a boost in certain skills.   3. The training options you can select are as follows: Security, Biotic, Technician, Leader, Scrapper, and Operative.   4.

Outside of your player character, you’ll also be able to customize the look of your twin, who will play a large part in the story, according to BioWare.   5. We didn't see Ryder's father get customized, though BioWare mentioned during our cover story that would be an option. That doesn't mean that option isn't in the final version of the game, or some variation of it, but I didn't see it in action. 6. Before you get into the game proper, you can choose the gender of the Shepard you played in the original trilogy and it will affect Andromeda’s story somehow.

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