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6 things Bungie could do for Destiny 2 to bring players back right now

Tim Clark

I've written at some length about how Destiny 2 strayed from the light in terms of its design choices, and more recently we've covered Bungie's planned improvements for the troubled looter shooter. Those were further detailed last week in the form of a roadmap showing when specific changes are due, which was expanded on a day later by the sandbox design lead who talked about how the team is testing an update designed to make guardians "go fast". It sounds welcome but, as someone still playing the game, I can't help but think what's really needed is for Bungie to implement some risky changes right now.

Last week's introduction of Masterwork Armor was a classic example of an addition that's both welcome and too conservative. I've already crafted a couple of sets, and while being able to reroll stats is handy, it's not going to draw back lapsed players. More problematically, the signature damage reduction perk is barely noticeable co

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