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7 ways Far Cry 5 is changing up the usual Ubisoft open world format

James Davenport

Ubisoft's open world games have been reluctant to change over the last decade, sticking to big maps with space to uncover, towers to climb, and icons to clear. But with Assassin's Creed: Origins, Ubisoft showed that they're capable of making tired formats fun again. Far Cry 5 skims a bit closer to Far Cry 4 than Origins does to its predecessors, but the new American setting carries some necessary, overdue change with it. Recently, I got to spend over an hour in virtual Montana, driving trucks and stealing testicles, evading armed cultists all the while.

I came away with the impression that Far Cry 5 represents a shift for the series into something focused more on large-scale conflict and goofing off, encouraging total chaos and curiosity above all else. Unfortunately, the game was running on a PS4 Pro, which didn't have the best framerate, and I'm awful aim with a gamepad, but I've included some clips anyway. You're just not going to see the prettiest poss

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