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9 things you should know before playing Resident Evil 2: Remake

Andy Kelly

This isn't a scene-for-scene remake. You can close that GameFAQs walkthrough from 1998 because it won't help you. Resident Evil 2: Remake is not the same game as Resident Evil 2. Sure, the environments are largely similar and you'll recognise certain items and puzzles, but Remake remixes these ingredients to create entirely new puzzles, cutscenes, and boss encounters.

But that's actually a great thing—especially if you've already played through the original Resident Evil 2. RE2: Remake still contains everything that made the original great, but refines it to feel modern and exciting again. It confidently walks that tight line between familiar and new. You'll be ambushed by a fan-favourite boss but then have to adapt to new challenges to overcome it.

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