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A free Prey demo is now available on Steam


A demo version of Prey was released earlier this year for consoles, but not the PC. Arkane's Raphael Colantonio said that sticking with consoles was simply "a resource assignment thing," and also pointed out that the graciousness of Steam refunds added up to effectively the same thing anyway: You can buy the game, play it for a couple hours, and then refund it if you don't like it. I didn't (and don't) agree with that take, but it doesn't matter anymore because a free trial version is now available on Steam, too. The announcement doesn't offer much in the way of detail, but the trailer describes it as the "first hour" of the game.

Prey | Have You Fought the Alien Invasion? (2017)

To get it, just head to the Prey page on Steam and scroll down until you see the "Download Demo" button on the right, just below where it shows how many of your Steam friends want and have the game. Take it from there. (The PS4 and Xbox One demos are also being transitioned to trials, the diff

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