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A new The Sinking City trailer focuses on improved character animations

Shaun Prescott

Ukrainian studio Frogwares has just released a new trailer for its forthcoming Lovecraft-inspired adventure The Sinking City (not to be mistaken with the recently released Call of Cthulhu). The video focuses on the game's newly improved character animations, and it's true, when you look at the comparison sections of the trailer, that they look less… uncanny, than before. Unlike the previously released Call of Cthulhu, Th Sinking City is an open world game with action elements.

LMAO, WHY DOES HE MOVE LIKE THAT?! (a.k.a Animations Update)

It seems to take heavy cues from The Shadow Over Innsmouth, given the presence of "fish-people" walking the streets. That's what Austin observed when he previewed the game last month. The Sinking City releases March 21.

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