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A quick trip to cyberpunk murder city with Ruiner


Ruiner thrusts me into the shoes of a masked killer with one objective: KILL BOSS. There's no fanfare, just a cacophony of thumping electronica and brutal kills. As I cleave through enemy after enemy and peel away the layers of what I think I know, one thing becomes clear—someone is definitely being played. Is it me?

Developed by Polish team Reikon Games (ex-Witcher and Dying Light devs) and published by Devolver Digital, Ruiner is top-down and faux-isometric, and so will immediately draw comparisons to games like Hotline Miami or Hyper Light Drifter. But there's more to it than that. It's set in a futuristic city inspired by Bangkok that's absolutely drenched in the cyberpunk aesthetic, and it explores topics even more disturbing than the kills you'll engage in.

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