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A Way Out is an innovative co-op story game with plenty of cinematic flair

Tom Senior

Leo and Vincent are being chased through a hospital by police. Writer and director of A Way Out, Josef Fares, controls Vincent, while I control Leo. At first the action follows Josef’s fugitive as he barges through doors and takes sudden turns to avoid the pursuing cops. After a few minutes the camera dives into a vent, plunges down a few storeys and emerges to show Leo running into view. Now I’m in control. Police with flashlights crash through a door ahead and I take a swift turn.

Then I hammer a button to kick through a door and flee into a new wing of the building. Soon the camera swoops back to Stefan once more, but when it boomerangs back to me the game changes style. The camera fixes to a side-on view and suddenly I’m playing a side-scrolling beat ‘em up, mashing the attack key to watch Leo spectacularly beat up a queue of bobbies. A Way Out is an experimental co-op game that tells the story of two convicts on the run from the law. You only need one copy of

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