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A Way Out: like a David Cage game, only co-op and good


Sam and James sat down to play a short demo of EA’s A Way Out, which was recently announced during their presser on Saturday. Like the mandatory splitscreen co-op, they’ve shared their experience and thoughts in tandem. James: I didn’t trust myself with the gun. I’m not exactly sure who Leo is and what he’s like, but as a young buck with a slick haircut and a mean look, I couldn’t trust the guy. I should give some context: we just played a short demo of A Way Out, the co-op only splitscreen narrative game from Hazelight Studios, developers of the much beloved Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons.

A Way Out Official Reveal Trailer

A Way Out is more akin to a tale of two dads (at least one has a baby), where you play as one of two characters during and after a prison escape. In the sequence we played, we had to rob a gas station for money. Right off the bat, we had to choose who got the gun, Sam or me. Sam: We choose my character, Vincent, because in the cutscene I feel they frame

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