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Activision has been sued by the maker of the Humvee over the Call of Duty series

Andy Chalk

You may not know AM General, but you know what it does: It makes the Humvee, the iconic vehicle that replaced US military jeeps back in the '80s. Everywhere the US Army goes, it rides in Humvees: In movies, on the television, and of course in videogames, including the Call of Duty series.

HMMWV HUMVEE,s Call of duty Black Ops Den Haag.MPG

According to a recently-filed lawsuit, however, Activision never actually had permission to use it. "Wrongfully leveraging the goodwill and reputation AM General has developed in these marks, Defendants have used and continue to use AM General’s trademarks and trade dress in advertising and promotion of their Call of Duty videogame franchise; have featured and continue to feature AM General’s trademarks and vehicles bearing the distinctive elements of the AM General Trade Dress prominently in their video games; and have caused and continue to cause the manufacture and sale of collateral toys and books to further derive wrongful profits from AM Genera l’s intellectual property

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