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Activision is giving From Software 'much-needed support' on Sekiro's tutorial system

Joe Donnelly

Sekiro, From Software's next game, subverts nearly everything we've come to expect from Dark Souls, wrote our Steven following a lengthy hands-off demonstration at E3. In conversation with Eurogamer, company president Hidetaka Miyazaki explored these nuances further—in relation to the dev's partnership with Activision, its single character focus and class options, and its tutorials. The Dark Souls series—and its Demon's Souls and Bloodborne console cousins—operate on a strict 'learn by doing' basis.

As detailed in Steven's linked article above, Sekiro breaks from Soulsborne conventions in a number of ways—something which From's collaboration with Activision has helped with. Miyazaki tells EG that Sekiro better explains its systems to the player, and that this is something it's received "much-needed support" with from the publisher. "It also depends on that level of comfort and playability that

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