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After just two games of Roller Champions, I have already made an enemy

Phil Savage

The greatest compliment I can pay Roller Champions is that, after playing just a couple of rounds at a Ubisoft press event, I was annoyed at one of my teammates. After all, Rocket League is an engine that runs on spite. It's part and parcel of the genre, and one of the things that high-concept sports games share with real-life sporting events. There's got to be a bad guy. Our team's heel was our self-styled captain. And look, I'm not about to check the recording of our match for his name, find which media outlet or YouTube channel he works for and start a public beef—that would be petty. But I am going to call him out anonymously.

Because I'm a professional. First, the rules. Roller Champions is a 3v3 sports game. You fight for control of a ball, and score points by skating around a track to charge up the goal. The more laps you complete, the more points you get. Your goal is to make it to five points, which you can do by completing three unbroken laps—in which the opposing team doesn't get possession—before scoring. I don't know anything about roller derby, but I assume it's not like this.

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