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AMD’s Crimson ReLive 17.6.2 drivers fix a performance issue in Dirt 4


AMD already released an updated GPU driver package to optimize performance in Dirt 4—as did NVIDIA—but apparently there was a flaw that still needed hammering out. The latest Crimson ReLive driver package addresses an issue where performance is lower than expected with the latest game build when using 8XMSAA. The release notes for Crimson ReLive 17. 6. 2 make no mention of any other changes, which makes sense since this is an incremental update over the previous Crimson ReLive 17. 6. 1 release.

AMD touted up to a 30 percent performance bump in its previous driver release for Radeon RX 580 owners who enabled 8XMSAA, compared to the Crimson ReLive 17. 5. 2 driver package. In addition, it added a small performance bump to Prey—up to 4 percent, a metric that also applied to Radeon RX 580 graphics cards. Apparently the driver release was not living up to its promise, at least in Dirt 4, hence the incremental update. While the latest driver package fixes a performance issue in Dirt 4

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