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An audio file hidden in the Halo Infinite E3 trailer hints at Cortana's return


Remember the Halo Infinite trailer that appeared in June at E3, "Discover Hope? " (If not, that's it up above. ) A guy stranded in deep space discovers the floating body of the big boy in green, pulls him into his ship, hits him with the interstellar defibrillator, and kapowie! He's back on his feet and ready for action. Which is a good thing, because there's trouble afoot. In between the sizzle and the steak, there's a few seconds of sci-fi systems bootup guffola flashing across the screen—fairly standard stuff to remind you that you're seeing things from the perspective of some sort of machine/cyborg/guy with a really cool helmet. It's a little weird that the Mjolnir Powered Assault Armor System Generation 3, last modified in the year 2561, would still be rocking a startup sequence from the 1970s, but I suppose there's something to be said for sticking with tradition. body . hawk-widget{--trd-blue:#2f6e91;width:100%;letter-spacing:normal;}.

_hawk. subtitle~. hawk-widget[data-widget-type=price]{margin:16px 0;}@media (min-width:600px){. _hawk. subtitle~. hawk-widget[data-widget-type=price]{margin:0;min-height:128px;float:right;clear:none;width:50%;}. fancy_box_body . _hawk. subtitle~.

hawk-widget[data-widget-type=price]{float:none;width:100%;}}. icon~. hawk-widget{clear:both;}@media (min-width:400px){body . buyingguide . product . hawk-widget. bg-price{float:right;width:40%;}}But at the tale end of that sequence, starting around 3:30, there's a flash of red blocks and lines, which at first glance doesn't appear to have any purpose beyond letting viewers know that the magic has happened. But a Twitterer who goes by the name of Xepyal apparently saw something more to it. They took images of each individual frame containing the red bars and stacked them on top of each other, then compressed the image into a more-or-less square shape.

They ended up with a janky QR code, which with with a little smoothing translated into this.

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