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Apex Legends review

James Davenport

We press H to pay respects now. My good friend JohnnyBadNews, who I've never met, just let me know they found a level-three scope for my Longbow DMR. The selflessness: They found it in a dead player's inventory, noted that I was using a Longbow, and let me know it was there—all without saying a word. I pick it up and a prompt appears on my screen: "Press H to thank JohnnyBadNews. " My index passes over the grenade key and hits that H with the firm yet gentle assurance of a hug. I think we all know what the H stands for.

I shouldn't be feeling this nice. Apex Legends is a lot like most battle royale games. You drop from the sky onto an island, sweep the floor for weapons and gear, and scramble to stay inside a series of ever-shrinking circles pressing 60 people towards inevitable conflict. But Apex Legends is also the product of the genre's failures so far, a patient and refined response that makes for the most accessible, uncompromising battle royale experience yet.  

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