Arkane Knowledge: Five Reasons Dishonored Fans Will Love Prey

Ben Reeves

Arkane Studios is a big fan of Looking Glass Studios. “I don’t think it’s a secret that with Dishonored we started with Thief in mind, and with Prey we started with System Shock in mind,” says creative director and president of Arkane Studios Raphael Colantonio. “You can call us fanboys of those games if you want. ” Like Looking Glass Studios’ classics, both the Dishonored series and Prey share a philosophy that allows players to find creative solutions to gameplay challenges. And while Prey is far more than “Dishonored in space,” here are five reasons why fans of Arkane’s other big first-person series will want to keep their eye on Prey.

Reason One: Actual ConsequencesThose who played Dishonored quickly realized their actions had consequences. Dishonored players who ruthlessly left dead bodies in their wake only added to the city's disease-ridden streets, which ultimately created more rat swarms and plague victims, which in turn fostered a deadlier environment to navigate later in the game. On the other hand, some missions were easier to complete when you could just chop off your target's head. Fans can expect Prey to adapt similarly to their playstyle. "One thing that we believe in very strongly is that the game should react to the player with actual consequences," says lead designer Ricardo Bare.

"This is just a subjective point of disagreement, but I think that some people were complaining about, 'I picked powers and had fun killing people and the game said I did bad things,' and we were like, 'Yup. You did! ' And we personally like that. We like the game to reflect back, 'Hey, you did a bunch of terrible things, and the world is more terrible now. '" Reason Two: A Lore-Built WorldThe Dishonored games weren't praised for their storytelling, but they did create rich environments that felt alive.

Arkane spent a long time building the world of Dishonored, but only a portion of that information went into the game's…

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