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Ashly Burch will return as Chloe in Life is Strange: Before the Storm bonus episode

Andy Chalk

The videogame voice actor strike that recently concluded led to kind of an unusual situation this summer, when union member Ashly Burch, who provided the voice of Chloe Price in the first series, was replaced with a non-union performer for the prequel Life is Strange: Before the Storm. By all reports the new performer, Rhianna DeVries, did excellent work on the series, but with the strike settled, Burch is returning to the role for the bonus episode, Farewell. "We’re very excited to tell you that Before the Storm’s bonus episode 'Farewell' will be releasing in early 2018 and in even more exciting news; Hannah Telle and Ashly Burch will be returning to play Max and Chloe!

Farewell - Behind the Scenes

" Square Enix revealed. "As you are all aware, Ashly has been working with the writing team at Deck Nine and we’re ecstatic that she will be returning to play the role of young Chloe. " Farewell is a bonus episode included with the Life is Strange: Before the Storm

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