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Assassin's Creed Odyssey New Game Plus detailed for February's update

Sarah James

Assassin's Creed Odyssey's February update confirms the details of the New Game Plus mode and increases the level cap to 99. Another free 'Lost Tales of Greece' episode has been added and a host of other features are on their way. The New Game Plus mode was confirmed last week with an official tweet and we now know exactly what that entails. New Game Plus will arrive with the Title Update 1. 1.


4 at some point later this month, and will let you live the story again, allowing you to make different choices as you go. You will get the option to play a different character and as we expected, your level and gear will be carried forward, as will your stats and abilities. To unlock New Game Plus you will need to finish the main story, obviously, then load up the save you want to carry over and select the 'New Game+' option that will be available in the menu. The level cap will also be increased, allowing your character to reach level 99. New Mercenary Tiers will be added, as well as three additional Engraving Tiers and 22 new Fast Travel points will make it easier to explore Adrestia.

Additionally, The Lost Tales of Greece gets a new episode, A Brother's Seduction, where you must help two brothers deal with their father's passing. The free episode is available now to players that have reached Chapter 5 of the main story. A couple of new gear packs will also be available in the shop: the Wild Boar Pack and the Deep Sea Hunter Pack and a number of new frames will be added to the Photo Mode, coinciding with the new Photo Mode contest that kicks off on February 22 with a 'Winter in Greece' theme. You can check out all the details in the update video above or if you're at work and need to be a bit more discreet, you can head on over to the official site. It's okay, we won't tell.

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