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Assassin's Creed Odyssey won't fix one of my biggest issues with Origins

Samuel Roberts

As much as I was dazzled by Assassin's Creed Origins' incredible setting, I'm not sure the game made a compelling case for the series having a level-based progression system. Wandering into certain areas and being mauled by overpowered crocodiles actually made me feel less inclined to explore this incredible open world, which is the opposite of how I like to play this kind of game. I get why they did it. The levelling system provides essential structure and rewards that mean everything you do in Origins contributes to your progress in some way.

My biggest problem is how it manifests in combat. Encounters with higher-level enemies in Origins are just frustrating. I would argue that the player doesn't have enough tools to perform effective crowd control, and one-on-one encounters produce plenty of cheap-feeling deaths. Unless enemies are within two or so levels of Bayek, it feels less like a test of skill and more like a death sentence where you're pelted with a

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