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Battlefield 5 improves on Battlefield 1, but it might make you pine for the original

Tyler Wilde

Video: Chris playing Grand Operations back at E3. As I played the closed alpha today, I kept forgetting that Battlefield 5 is a World War 2 game. The UI is sleek, and the guns are effortless to use—they aren't as janky as Battlefield 1's period rifles, firing rapidly and precisely. It made me feel nostalgic for the beats of the M1 Garand from Battlefield 1942. I do like quite a bit about BF5 so far, at least as compared to Battlefield 1. I'm thankful that Conquest is back to the old scoring system—most rounds I played were close, and no giant behemoth trains or airships interrupted the natural story.

Sentry units are gone too, and I never liked those. Going up against supersoldiers wasn't fun. The new animations are ace all around. I rarely had any problem vaulting through windows or over sandbags, and I love the way my soldier slightly tilts his gun as I strafe left and right, suggesting shoulder sway. The gesture when I grab a health pack is oddly che

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