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Battlefront 2's brief campaign doesn't really show you the Empire's perspective

Samuel Roberts

Spoilers for the first half of Battlefront 2's campaign follow. When did five or six hours become the target length for a shooter campaign? I think it was during the journey from Call of Duty 2 to Modern Warfare and then Modern Warfare 2. According to one of my favourite utility sites, How Long To Beat, COD 2 took an average of 8. 5 hours to beat. COD 4 took seven hours. Modern Warfare 2 took 6. 5, and the series has lingered there ever since.

For the most part, other developers followed its lead. The campaigns in shooters like the original Homefront, Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2 range from 4. 5 to six hours in length. If singleplayer is still a big part of why you enjoy playing FPS games, then it's hard to justify spending £50/$60 for six hours. Star Wars Battlefront 2's campaign took me around five or six hours to finish, and the people on How Long To Beat say they've done it in 4. 5. If I was a Star Wars fan, buying this game mainly for the promise of EA

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