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Battlefront 2's premium currency is returning, but the new progression system sounds much better

Tyler Wilde

Star Wars: Battlefront 2 will soon be graced with the revamped progression system promised during the intense fallout over its original loot box system. And even though the premium currency is returning—which EA said would happen at the time—it sounds like a big improvement. I doubt it'll be the most popular update of all time, but it definitely won't result in the most downvoted Reddit comment in history. Before Battlefront 2 released, stat-boosting Star Cards were acquired by opening loot boxes which could be purchased with two currencies: Credits, earned by playing, or Crystals, which could be purchased with real money.

Pretty much no one liked that idea, and just before launch, EA removed Crystals from Battlefront 2. I was glad to see the premium currency go, but axing it didn't make Battlefront 2's progression system better—it just removed the most offensive feature while leaving the consequences of that feature intact. You still had to open loot

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