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Being an 'asshole' in Fallout 76 will earn you a bounty paid from your own caps

Christopher Livingston

We got some interesting new details from the Fallout 76 panel at Quakecon today, as Todd Howard explained more about how the PvP system will work. "We want this element of danger, and it sounds weird to say, without griefing," Howard said. Initially, damage scales down against another player who hasn't picked a fight with you. "When you shoot somebody you do a little bit of damage," Howard explained. "You don't do full damage. It's like slapping somebody in a bar. You want to fight?

""So you do little bits of damage," he continued. "If you engage then you're doing full damage. And there's a cap reward based on the player's level. So if they player is really high level you're gonna get more caps than if they're low level. After one of them dies you can seek revenge which doubles the incentive. "That covers the interaction between two players who want to fight each other, but what about when one player isn

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