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Beyond Good and Evil 2 probably isn't going to appear at E3


Most of our coverage of Ubisoft's Beyond Good and Evil 2, going all the way back to 2012, has been confirmations that it is going to happen. And there's been a bit of an uptick in news related to the game in recent months, including a concept art tease in September of last year. But if you were hoping that Ubisoft would make a big BG&E2 reveal at E3, director Michel Ancel warned on Instagram that you're probably going to be disappointed.

"Mhhh, not sure that E3 would be the best place to showcase Bg&e2 but we're working on the game so sometime this year, you should hear about it! " he wrote in response to a request for "concept art, music… anything" at E3. It's hard to be too disappointed that we're not likely to hear anything about a game we've spent the past decade not hearing anything about, but the prospect of something rolling out before the end of the year is kind of exciting—even if it's only so we

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