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BioWare kiboshes Mass Effect: Andromeda DLC cancellation rumor


The Mass Effect rumor machine spun up quickly following a report yesterday which claimed that the planned story DLC for Mass Effect: Andromeda had been canceled. The rumor began with a Facebook message from a purported Austrian studio called Sinclair Networks, now deleted but captured by Critical Hit, claiming that its contract with BioWare to create three Andromeda DLCs had been cancelled. "Due to issues in initial production, heavy critique, significant delays in other projects, staff allocation and reductions in Montreal, it was decided to shelve the franchise for the time being and all our resources and outsourcing are being focused to the 2018 release of Anthem," the message said.

"For the moment the Mass Effect series will be on ice until BioWare can decide which direction the franchise will go. " The whole thing seemed dodgy, but nonetheless gathered some steam because Electronic Arts did put the series "on hiatus" in May and transitioned BioWa

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