BioWare Promises To Share More Of Its Immediate Plans For Mass Effect: Andromeda Soon

Kyle Hilliard

BioWare tweeted a statement today offering some optimistic promise for those underwhelmed by Mass Effect: Andromeda. You can find the full statement below, but the highlight version is that BioWare is taking in all of the feedback on the game – positive and negative – and will be offering an update about its immediate plans for it on Tuesday, April 4. A message from the @masseffect Andromeda team: pic. twitter. com/PRyeZFBzmT — BioWare (@bioware) March 30, 2017 Overall we were happy with Mass Effect: Andromeda, but the game is certainly not without flaws.

You can find out review of Mass Effect: Andromeda here. [Source: @bioware]   Our TakeI'm curious what BioWare has planned for April 4. The game's assorted bugs and glitches have certainly been heavily highlighted by the collective internet over the past few days. Maybe BioWare is readying a big patch? We'll find out more in a few days.

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