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Bleeding Edge is a chaotic, messy hero brawler, but being on Game Pass could help it

James Davenport

Officially unveiled at Microsoft's E3 press conference, Bleeding Edge is the next game from Hellblade developer Ninja Theory. It's a third-person brawler with a focus on melee combat, and a roster of heroes reminiscent of Overwatch and its many imitators. Does Ninja Theory's action game expertise help Bleeding Edge to stand out from the busy crowd? To find out, James, Samuel and Phil all played a round at the Xbox Showcase event. James Davenport: How do we describe Bleeding Edge?

I think calling it a melee action game and citing Ninja Theory’s DmC Devil May Cry is misleading. Melee factors in, but you’re not juggling opponents in prolonged combos or even engaging in intimate duels like you do in Ninja Theory’s more recent and restrained Hellblade. It’s a game that bridges the gap between a MOBA and Overwatch, focusing more on team compositions and tactical ability use than bashing one another’s heads in. A basic overview before we dig in: Every character is assigned a class—assassin, support, or tank—basic melee or ranged attacks, a few special abilities that operate on a cooldown, and a super move that charges up over time. We played was a simple 4v4 control point mode on a three-laned map, and the action articulated as chaotic teamfights.

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