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Boomer, the Far Cry 5 dog, can be healed by rubbing his tummy

Andy Chalk

The problem with dogs in videogames is that their presence inevitably changes the parameters of the mission. No matter what The Sarge says in the briefing, it's your second priority: Job number one is always—always—ensuring that your canine companion doesn't get smoked. This is a problem compounded by the fact that AI-controlled dogs are even dumber and more aggressive than their real-world counterparts.

Far Cry 5 – Play it like Boomer !

Dogmeat of Fallout fame was notorious for driving players absolutely berserk with his penchant for charging powerful enemies and environmental hazards with great and reckless enthusiasm, usually forcing a quick reload no matter how well the fight was going. Digital doggo deaths were so heartbreaking/enraging that Bethesda made Dogmeat unkillable in Fallout 4, and Ubisoft has elected to do the same thing with Boomer, the furry friend of Far Cry 5. He will go down when things get hairy, but designer Alex Monney said on Twitter today that a little bit

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