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Borderlands 3 E3 demo shows off Moze and her mech


I guess I'll be playing Moze when Borderlands 3 appears in September. She's a heavily-armed soldier with a beefy mech at her beck and call. She's a walking weapons platform, and you can watch 10 minutes of her making hordes of enemies explode in showers of loot in the gameplay demo above. Moze is shooting a path through the swamps of Eden-6, and while the demo is mostly concerned with mayhem, she does have a quest to find a vault key. Vaults have always been central to Borderlands, but this time we'll be searching for lots of different ones, and we'll have multiple worlds to scour.  At several points during her fight across the damp village, she leaps backwards into her mech, Iron Bear, and gives her enemies a nasty surprise. It's got a minigun and homing missiles, and it makes short work of the unfortunate swamp people.

It consumes fuel, but a quick look at Moze's skill trees reveal ways to replenish it, like by killing more enemies. Another skill lets Iron Bear stick around in a fight even after Moze has left it, briefly giving players another teammate. As a D. Va main, she is definitely the Vault Hunter for me.  When Moze isn't in her mech she's still pretty dangerous. A lot of her skills seem focused on damage and critical damage, both with guns and grenades, and she can learn to shoot and sprint at the same time. Iron Bear's weapons pack a wallop, but when they're not available there are plenty of alternatives, from rusty shotguns to flashy rifles with smart bullets.

 A couple of familiar faces pop up, though not in person. Moxxi sends Moze on a mission, while Zer0 tasks her with murdering some guy. Conveniently, he appears straight away. Presumably there will be a string of assassination missions that you can trigger by visiting specific places.  Gearbox was at the PC Gaming Show, so we asked creative director Paul Sage your important Borderlands 3 questions. He neither confirmed or denied that you can pet your gun.  Borderlands 3 is due out on September 13.

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