Breaking Down Mass Effect Andromeda's N7 Day Trailer

Joe Juba

As part of its N7 Day festivities, BioWare released a new trailer for Mass Effect Andromeda. Filled with tantalizing imagery that answers some questions and raise others, the trailer is bound to have fans speculating about what everything means. But you don’t need to resort to blind speculation; I’ve seen Mass Effect Andromeda in action, and can add some extra information and context to explain what you’re seeing as the scenes fly by. In case you forgot, here’s the trailer again: (Please visit the site to view this media) Now that you’ve refreshed your memory, here’s my breakdown of the notable moments, informed by the time we spent seeing the game at BioWare Montreal. 0:02 This is one of the "arks," the massive colony ships that are carrying thousands of individuals from the Milky Way to Andromeda.

Also, the character speaking is Alec Ryder (voiced by Clancy Brown). 0:08 The human ark is called Hyperion. The arks for the other species (Salarian, Asari, Turian) have different names. 0:23 "Our dreams of peace were shattered. " When the arks arrive, the Andromeda galaxy is not as ripe for colonization as the scans indicated.

  0:31 "Welcome back. " This voice doesn't quite sound human. I don't know who it is exactly, but I know that Ryder is able to communicate with a mission computer, so it might be tied to that. 0:33 This is the Tempest, a ship that looks a little like the classic Normandy. However, the Tempest is smaller and better suited for scouting.

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