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Bungie admits "we’ve made mistakes" as it addresses content lockout

Andy Chalk

Quite a number of Destiny 2 players were disappointed last week when they discovered that some of the things they were used to doing in the game were no longer doable, because they'd been locked by the increased level cap that came with the Curse of Osiris expansion. Not owning the expansion means not having access to things like the Prestige Leviathan raid or the Trials of the Nine mode. These exclusions felt particularly egregious given that both activities were part of the base game, and the controversy also came on the heels of multiple other Bungie missteps. Today the dev team took to the Bungie Blog to acknowledge mistakes have been made, and explain how it's going to clean up this latest mess.

The solution is not going to make everyone happy. Prestige-level activities were meant to "rise to the new Power cap," the post begins, while time-limited PvP playlists were "meant to evolve each season" with new maps. Both of those cases require ownership of

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