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Bungie details major changes coming to Destiny 2 in a candid blog update

Andy Chalk

After a very rough weekend for Destiny 2 which saw a hidden XP scaling system revealed to the public, followed by an unannounced doubling of XP requirements for leveling up, Bungie has posted a big update on its blog in which it talked about its plans going forward, and addressed concerns and feedback from players who've expressed disappointment with a lack of incentive to play endgame activities. Bungie admitted to the scaling system shortly after it was discovered and disabled it, but also doubled the amount of XP required to gain levels without telling anyone.

But even before all that, players weren't happy with the state of the game. Tim recently ran down the highlights, but the short version is that rewards for completing Adventures and Strikes are repetitive to the point of being meaningless, modding is largely irrelevant for anything but maxing out your power level, and weapon and armor perks are identical: If you've seen one Better Devils, you've seen

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