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Bungie discusses plan to buff Destiny 2's least loved Exotics

Tim Clark

OK, hands up who wants to hear an embarrassing confession? Back when I previewed Destiny 2 in a Seattle hotel ballroom, I got one of the guns very wrong. At the time I described the Graviton Lance, which is an Exotic void pulse rifle, as "a thing of absolute joy. " I went on to explain that: "It fires three-shot bursts, the third of which has higher recoil and damage, and on kills releases what looks like a mini black hole that travels past the target wreaking additional havoc. Oh and when you pull the trigger it makes a "BZZZZZZZZZZM" sound like a guitar amp being flicked on.

To fire the Graviton Lance is to know true love. "Reader, I was very wrong. Because once I spent extended time with the finished game, I soon realised the gun was hot purple garbage. Here, a redditor explains why the Graviton Lance is actually worse than even the most bog standard pulse rifle, and only an idiot (ie me) would ever think otherwise. The short version is that the first tw

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