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Bungie on Destiny 2 Faction Rally token changes: 'This was on us, no excuses'

Joe Donnelly

Let me offer you a brief glimpse behind the scenes at PCGamer. com. On Tuesday, a new Destiny 2 Faction Rally kicked off whereafter it emerged a throttle had been applied to the event's faction tokens—the markers of success which, once converted into engrams, can be used to obtain armour, cosmetics and weapons. I don't play much of Destiny 2, so I asked my colleague Andy Chalk if he had something to share on the subject from a player's perspective. "Oh, I could probably find a few things to say," he told me.

1196 words later, and I got the distinct impression our Andy wasn't best pleased with the changes. This was a view shared in numerous threads on the game's subreddit, to which developer Bungie has now replied. "There has been a lot of feedback on some of the changes made to Faction Rallies in Season 2," so says community manager Cozmo in this weekly update post. "I’d like to take a moment to list some of the larger

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