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Bungie outlines the balance changes coming to Destiny 2's PC beta


While the latest weekly update on Destiny 2 from Bungie opens with a vaguely threatening promise—”Whenever you engage your fellow players in the Destiny arena, like you did in the Destiny 2 console Beta, our designers are studying you. ”—some of the promised fixes and tweaks coming to the PC beta sound a bit more comforting. When it launches on August 28 (if you pre-ordered, otherwise it's open to everyone from August 29-31), we’ll see a host of balance changes, many of which directly address criticisms we had of the console beta.

If you're planning on playing the beta yourself, expect to see a longer Mercy rule timer for Crucible matches, improvements to competitive matchmaking, reduced Super charge times, increased Power Ammo drops in PvE, and more. The changes from the blog are listed below, and most of them are fairly welcome. We’d still like to see the grenade recharge timer shortened, but more damage will do—for

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