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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare angers Russians who call it 'propaganda'


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare takes place in a fictional Middle Eastern country, but very obviously borrows elements from the ongoing Syrian Civil War to build a narrative in which British and American forces buddy up to fight evil Russians. Predictably, that plot hasn't gone over well in Russia. Criticism of Modern Warfare began in Russia well before its release, but one particular scene stirred up even more resentment over the weekend. Modern Warfare's fictional country is clearly a stand-in for Syria, but it also borrows from the Gulf War with a made-up massacre that closely resembles an actual massacre, known as The Highway of Death in both the game and the real world.  On February 26, 1991, US and coalition forces attacked a column of Iraqi Army forces as they retreated from Kuwait in tanks and other vehicles.

Some report the presence of Palestinian civilians as well, and estimates vary between a few hundred to over a thousand deaths. A US Navy pilot said that it was "like shooting ducks in a pond. " The US defended the attacks, but was accused of committing war crimes by former Attorney General Ramsey Clark and others. In Modern Warfare's version of The Highway of Death, however, it was Russians who executed a similar massacre.

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