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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is the most authentic entry in the series yet


After eight years in reserve, Modern Warfare is back. In 2007, Infinity Ward redefined the first-person shooter with Call of Duty 4, offering a dramatic, contemporary campaign and a multiplayer that set the standard for almost every shooter of the following decade. Now, the studio is returning to the modern theatre with the most authentic Call of Duty experience yet. This doesn’t simply mean that the guns and uniforms look convincing. Rather, Infinity Ward want to communicate to the player what today’s conflicts are actually like. Over the course of development, the team has consulted with real-life special-operatives, war correspondents, and other experts to make its portrayed conflict as believable as possible.

 In the fictional country of Urzikstan, a situation is brewing. In the midst of a protracted civil war, a brace of chemical weapons has been stolen, and nobody knows who took them or where they are. Meanwhile, a terrorist attack in London has set the entire world on edge. With the conflict in Urzikstan threatening to boil over, legendary S. A. S soldier Captain John Price assembles a crack team of special-ops soldiers to track down the missing chemical agents and uncover who’s responsible for the attacks in London.

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