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Call of Duty: WWII multiplayer doesn't have swastikas, and this is why


Much has been made of Sledgehammer Games' commitment to authenticity and a realistic depiction of war in Call of Duty: WWII. Actor Josh Duhamel said during the reveal livestream that "they spent so much time making this historically accurate, it's going to expose the whole WWII story to a whole new generation. " For multiplayer action, however, Sledgehammer Games is taking a few liberties. Sledgehammer told us during E3 that players will be able to wield Allied or Axis weaponry in multiplayer, regardless of which side of the fight they're on.

But as studio co-founder Michael Condrey told Eurogamer, they'll also have the option of fighting as a black or white soldier, male or female, without restriction. "Multiplayer is this gritty, immersive experience, but it's also about putting you—this is about you—in World War 2," Condrey said. "And so, that evolution of your character means it's important for us to allow y

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