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Call of Duty: WWII review in progress


Call of Duty: WWII is so damn big that I'd be surprised if I didn't like something it has to offer. It's a series that blueprinted the feel and responsiveness of modern first-person shooters. I've always enjoyed the series' sugary pace and instant gratification, but too often the ideas wrapped around the signature shooting just don't work. WWII would be one of the best in the series if I were judging purely based on its competitive multiplayer, but the Nazi Zombies mode is an awkward, obtuse grind, and the campaign fails to introduce many new ideas to Call of Duty at all.

The singleplayer campaign isn't really about WWII anyway, it's about how friendship between adult men requires both great sacrifice and a great aim. It turns a global catastrophe into a melodramatic test of camaraderie, more concerned with making you feel cool than bogging anyone down with historical context. I'm not surprised; Call of Duty always flubs the grandiose promises ma

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