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Call of Duty: WWII's first images leak, include a guy with a gun


Activision announced Call of Duty: WWII with nothing but an image of a lone soldier. The company's plan was to make the actual big reveal on April 26, but for a short period of time, people could get a look at three separate, very small images of the upcoming first-person shooter. Reddit user Braderz_12 noticed the images (above) on the Call of Duty website's login page (via GameSpot). There isn't much to them, but it sure is nice to see a Thompson submachine gun again.

However, if you're hoping to get a look at them on the site itself, the images appear to have been replaced. On top of this, Amazon has put up boxart for Call of Duty: WWII, and it features the same image of the soldier from the announcement. However, we can't be sure that this is the final artwork, and personally, I hope it's not. The whole thing is a little hard to look at, especially the logo's WWII—we all know that gold is gaudy, but it doesn't stand out well enough against t

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