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Check out For Honor's new Shinobi and Centurion classes in action


I've had a soft spot for For Honor since it launched back in February, and the upcoming heroes Shinobi and Centurion remind me exactly why that is: it's a gosh darn fighting game. The Shinobi trailer (above) makes him look like an off-brand ninja from Mortal Kombat. He can throw his Kusarigama like Scorpion's spear to hook an enemy and pull them in for close-range punishment. And he can teleport. I'm sure I won't be able to pull off the combos that are shown in the trailer, but it looks rad and makes me want to try the Shinobi out.

The Shinobi (Samurai Gameplay) - Hero Series #13 [US]

The second trailer (below) is for the brutish Centurion. I'm not as interested in For Honor's heavier characters, but the Centurion seems pretty funny. The Roman soldier acts like a high school jock, beating down his enemy before ushering them to get back up. And once the enemy is downed for good, the Centurion goes back and forth on a Gladiator-style thumbs down. He's the king of the alpha males, and I want to see all of th

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